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Our relationship network guarantees that we have a strong and varied product offering that satisfies the needs of our target audiences, from premium food and beverage brands to well-known personal care and household product brands.

Home & Personal Care

Toiletries, personal care items, and other important consumer goods are a crucial part of our daily lives. We at Swiss Austria Holdings are aware of the significance of these goods and the rising demand for dependable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly alternatives on the international market.

Our portfolio includes a diverse array of products, including but not limited to household cleaners, laundry detergents, personal hygiene products, skincare items, hair care products, and more.

Pharma Products

Pharmaceutical products are essential to people’s health and wellbeing all around the world, and at Swiss Austria Holdings, we understand how crucial it is to make sure everyone has access to safe, efficient, and high-quality pharmaceuticals. We specialize in offering a broad range of pharmaceutical products as a premier sourcing, marketing, and distribution organization to cater to the various demands of our customers.

We collaborate with trustworthy pharmaceutical companies on a global as well as local scale to source a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including prescription meds, over-the-counter treatments and specialty pharmaceuticals.

Food & Beverages

We are focused on providing people all over the world premium, secure, and tasty products. We specialize in sourcing, marketing, and distributing a wide variety of food and drink products while considering the unique tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions of our clients.

Cereals, beverages (such as juices, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages), snacks, sauces, spices, and many more food and beverage items are included in our inventory. We understand the dynamic nature of the food and beverage sector, as well as changing consumer preferences, and we endeavor to regularly update our range to satisfy market expectations.